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Hannah from Chester

Hannah from Chester faced mounting debt following her second redundancy in 2008. She really couldn’t face putting herself in that situation again and decided to explore starting her own business but was struggling to cover her bills and was having some health issues which weren’t helping her situation. Hannah was single at the time and had no one to help support her. It got so bad that she seriously contemplated selling her house and moving back in with her Mum. This really wasn’t something that Hannah was used to as she had always been able to cover her bills and had savings – it was a dark time. A close and trusted friend suggested she try some aloe vera products to help support her health. Having had a positive experience Hannah decided to start her own Forever business. It is not something she would have normally ever seen herself doing but she felt she had nothing to lose at this point. Hannah threw herself into it, learning about the products and developing the necessary skills. Ironically, Hannah found the business skills she developed building her network marketing business were transferable to the decorating business she had wanted to get off the ground, so she started to build that successfully alongside.  

The experience has changed Hannah fundamentally. She values financial security and the peace of mind it brings and she continues to work both her Forever and decorating businesses in tandem changing the amount of activity she dedicates to each according to seasonal demand for decorating and what else is going on in her life at the time. She never again wants to be in the position of potentially losing her home and so for the past seven years has been double paying her mortgage. Hannah also met her now husband in 2013 through a product launch and they have committed to being mortgage free by December 2021. There’s a saying ‘you either grow through inspiration or desperation’, for Hannah that growth came through desperation. Hannah’s greatest achievement has been turning her finances and life around. 

Alongside her business journey, Hannah has also had a journey of faith. She is grateful for this experience as it helped her take control of her health, finances and relationships as well as allowed her to meet some great friends and have lots of fun running her businesses. With strong values in honesty and good ethics, Hannah loves helping people and thrives on getting things done then seeing the results. Enthusiastic and optimistic, making a difference to the people and environment around her is what drives her. Since starting her business she has raised over £7,000 for charity. Hannah has helped local children’s charities and a local hospice as well as raising money for new toilet seats for a local community enterprise for people with dementia and donating hats, hand warmers and Forever toothgel to the homeless. “Making a difference in the world has always been my aim. Turning something from bad to good, even if it’s just a garden full of weeds.” 

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